B2 First Vocabulary:

Not only…but also

“Not only….but also” requires candidates to use the inverted form of the present tense. It is used to talk about more than one thing which is true, and once candidates understand the grammatical structure they should be able to use it in a variety of questions in both the speaking and writing papers.

The inverted form uses the auxiliary verb before the subject (like when asking a question). For example: “Not only do schools provide children with an education but they also give them an opportunity to develop their social skills”

Below are examples of how 'Not only…but also' could be used in the B2 First (FCE) exam.
Writing Part 2:
Not only was the book educational but the author also made it extremely entertaining to read…

Reading and Use of English Part 4:
The apartment had all the facilities we needed as well as being very clean


………………………… have all the facilities we needed, but it was also very clean.