B2 First Vocabulary:

Used to (past habit or situation)

‘Used to’ is used to talk about a past habit or situation. It is form by taking the subject + used to + bare infinitive. Using ‘used to’ is a great way to refer to the past in the speaking paper and allow you to demonstrate your ability to talk about different periods of time.

Below are examples of how 'Used to (past habit or situation)' could be used in the B2 First (FCE) exam.
Speaking Part 1:
Examiner: “Do you like going to the cinema?”

Candidate: “I used to love going to the cinema when I was young, but nowadays I prefer the comfort of watching a film at home on Netflix…”

Reading and Use of English Part 4:
I would always play tennis with my brother when we were kids


I always ………………………… tennis with my brother when we were kids