two men running at park

Daily Exercise

Health, fitness and exercise are topics commonly used in the B2 First Exam. Practice you vocabulary knowledge with these ten multiple choice questions typical of what you may have in part one of the Reading and Use of English Exam. In addition to general vocabulary, this part of the exam will test your knowledge of phrasal verbs, collocations and phrases. The answers to all questions can be found at the bottom of the page.

Thirty minutes of exercise every day is widely (1)…… as being extremely beneficial to a person’s health.

  • accepted
  • believed
  • assessed
  • said

Experts are so far undecided and it is difficult to say for (2)…… what the optimum amount of daily exercise should be.

  • certain
  • true
  • specific
  • precise

I usually try and work (3)…… at the gym for at least thirty minutes every day.

  • on
  • out
  • in
  • for

Sarah always makes sure to go for a jog every day apart (4)…… Sundays which is her rest day.

  • for
  • of
  • from
  • that

John goes out for a walk every morning without fail even in the winter when it is (5)…… cold outside.

  • strongly
  • bitterly
  • heavily
  • forcefully

Michael realised that if he really wanted to lose weight then he would have to (6)…… more exercise as well as reducing the amount of food he eats.

  • take
  • have
  • do
  • make

Although I like going for a run with Steve it is sometimes difficult to keep (7)…… with him!

  • on
  • ahead
  • up
  • front

I think more people would exercise if the (8)…… of joining a gym was more affordable.

  • cost
  • value
  • amount
  • subscription

Exercising consistently over a long period of time is the key to continual health and fitness. Too many people give (9)…… when it gets difficult and as a result never achieve their goals.

  • back
  • over
  • up
  • down

It is said that just twenty minutes of daily exercise has many (10)…… when it comes to both health and weight loss.

  • wins
  • gains
  • profits
  • benefits

(1)   A

(2)   A

(3)   B

(4)   C

(5)   B

(6)   C

(7)   C

(8)   A

(9)   C

(10)   D