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Everyone Loves Phrasal Verbs!

“Everyone loves phrasal verbs” is probably not a true statement, in fact most English learners hate phrasal verbs! However, phrasal verbs are a huge part of the English language which makes them a huge part of the B2 First Exam as well.

Practice your knowledge of phrasal verbs below with these exam style questions for part 2 of the Reading and Use of English paper.

The restaurant desperately needed to come (1)…… with some new ideas to get more customers in the door.

We all (2)…… on really well, and made friendships that will last much longer than the two months we were there.

After three days of non-stop rain we were counting (3)…… the weather to improve for the camping trip at the weekend.

Although I was a well-behaved  child, my parents were quite strict when I was younger and never let me get (4)…… with anything.

We were all really (5)…… forward to going on the road trip across the United States.

Student loans are so much nowadays that it often takes many years to pay (6)…… just a small part of the loan.

I received the news that my grandmother had passed (7)…… the day after we arrived in Sydney, and being so far away it would have been impossible for me to make it back for the funeral.

After six months of doing (8)……. the house, we were excited to finally be able to put it on the market, and we were hoping to get a quick sale so we could move onto the next project.

(1)   up

(2)   got

(3)   on

(4)   away

(5)   looking

(6)   off

(7)   away

(8)   up