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Get up and Go out!

“Get” and “go” are common verbs that also have many phrasal verbs associated with them. Practice for part 2 of the Reading and Use of English paper with eight exam style questions all containing phrasal verbs with either “get” or go”.

Even though I am sure they have good intentions, they never seem to get (1)…… to solving the real problems that exist in our community.

When we arrived there was nothing in the fridge apart from some milk that had clearly (2)…… off and a jar of tomato sauce.

She tried to get out (3)…… the meeting, but in the end it was impossible.

I told the rest of them to go (4)…… and I would catch up after I had fixed the puncture on my bike.

Most people have very mild symptoms and (5)…… over the virus in a few days, but some have much more sever symptoms which require hospital treatment.

Although it was a job Sarah really wanted she wasn’t sure whether to (6)…… for it because it would mean a drop in her salary.

The fire alarm went (7)…… and everyone was forced to evacuate the building, but after nearly an hour standing outside in the cold it turned out to be a false alarm.

Every Christmas the family would get (8)…… at my fathers house where we would eat, sing songs and generally have a lot of fun.

(1)   round

(2)   gone

(3)   of

(4)  ahead

(5)   get

(6)   go

(7)   off

(8)   together