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Happy At Work

Check out these sample questions for part 2 of the Reading and Use of English paper all related to happiness in the workplace.

Try and answer questions 1-8 and then check your answers by clicking on the “answers” box below the text. (0) has been used as an example.

It is estimated (0)…that… around forty percentage of people would say they are happy (1)…… work, which means that sixty percent of people are unhappy. The happiness of employees is something that every company should (2)…… into as it has (3)…… proven that having happy employees increases productivity and overall growth of companies.

Many business owners wrongly believe that increasing employee happiness is all (4)…… money, but this isn’t the case. In the majority (5)…… situations an employee’s happiness is directly related to how they are treated. Companies should start (6)…… listening to what their employees are saying which will make them feel (7)…… they are an important part of the business. They should also think about trusting their employees more and giving them more responsibility. Finally, it is important to make (8)…… all employees are treated equally, and people doing the exact same job are being paid the same.

(1)   at

(2)   look

(3)   been

(4)   about

(5)   of

(6)   by

(7)   like

(8)   sure