bee over yellow flower

Honey Bees

Practice for part 1 of the Reading and Use of English paper with these sample exam questions about honey bees.

Read the extract below and try to choose the correct answer from the four options given for each question. An example has been given (0) with the correct answer indicated. You have eight questions to answer like in your actual exam.

Honey Bees

Honey Bees have provided humans with honey for a (0)…… of years. Although many are kept for commercial use there are still hives that (1)…… naturally in the wild. Honey bees are social insects and can be (2)…… down into three groups.

Firstly there are workers which are the bees that people would most (3)…… see. Their job is to search for food which comes in the form of pollen from different flowers. In addition (4)…… finding food they are also responsible for building and protecting the hive as well as other general (5)…… .

There is usually only one queen in a hive. The queen’s job is to lay the eggs that will produce the next (6)…… of bees. When the queen eventually dies a new queen will be created by feeding one of the workers a special diet to (7)…… them to develop into a fertile queen.

The final type of honey bees are called drones which are male bees (8)…… only role is to mate with the queen to produce new bees. They only spend time in the hive during the summer months. During winter the rest of the bees feed on the stored honey, and by spring there will be a group of young bees ready to leave the hive and start working.

  • total
  • length
  • number
  • stretch
  • occur
  • happen
  • come
  • create
  • separated
  • broken
  • divided
  • split
  • greatly
  • occasionally
  • repeatedly
  • commonly
  • for
  • with
  • on
  • to
  • parts
  • duties
  • charges
  • roles
  • generation
  • youth
  • era
  • age
  • encourage
  • entitle
  • enable
  • endure
  • that
  • whose
  • which
  • who

(1)   A

(2)   B

(3)   D

(4)   D

(5)   B

(6)   A

(7)   C

(8)   B