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It’s All Relative!

Knowing how to use the relative clause is often something that is tested in part 2 of the Reading and Use of English paper. Below are 8 exam style questions where you need to fill in the blank. Each answer will be related to the relative clause, apart from one of the questions where the answer will be completely unrelated.

Exam Style Practice Questions

The waiter (1)…… served us was extremely rude, and on top of that, when the food eventually arrived it was cold!

I never really liked reading books (2)…… were not based on true stories, but this one was different.

We stopped on the way to help a young woman (3)…… car had broken down.

The hotel (4)…… we stayed was in the perfect location as it was just a short walk to the city centre.

I used to work for a company (5)…… imported petroleum from Russia.

I was always looking forward to the day  (6)…… I could finally quit my job and travel the world.

People always used to ask me (7)…… I had ever thought of starting my business.

I got together with Michael yesterday, (8)…… I hadn’t seen in ages.

(1)   who/that

(2)   which/that

(3)   whose

(4)   where

(5)   which/that

(6)   when/that

(7)   if

(8)   who