Reading and Use of English Part 4

  • 6 questions
  • 2 marks per question
  • 17% of total
More About Reading and Use of English Part 4

Part 4 has six questions. Each question consists of three parts:

  • A lead-in sentence
  • A key word
  • A second sentence containing the beginning, end and a gap in the middle.

You need to fill in the gap in the second sentence so it has the same meaning as the lead-in sentence. The gap must contain between two and five words one of which must be the key word.

If you get the whole answer correct you receive two marks, if you get either the first part of the last part of the answer correct you get one mark. This part of the exam is worth 17% of the total score for the reading and use of English paper.

The main focus of this part of the exam is grammar and vocabulary as well as your ability to express a message in different ways to show your flexibility and use of the English language.