Should I Try Intermittent Fasting?

Food and drink is a popular topic in the B2 First Exam, but in this sample for part 2 of the Reading and Use of English paper it is all about “fasting” or specifically “intermittent fasting” which is the idea of going for a long period of time every day without eating anything and only consuming food in a specific time window.

Practice this sample paper below and see how many answers you can get correct (you can view the answers in the box at the bottom of the page). (0) has been included in the text as an example.

Intermittent Fasting

Intermittent fasting is an eating pattern that cycles between periods (0)…of… fasting and eating. Although eating patterns can vary, the most common ones are sixteen hours fasting and eight hours eating, or twenty hours fasting and four hours eating. Due to its simplicity many people find it relatively easy to stick (1)…… as it doesn’t have any kind (2)…… restrictions that other diets typically come with. However, it will mean that you will probably have to skip (3)…… least one meal a day which would usually be either breakfast or dinner. This can be very difficult for some people (4)…… feel the need to eat regularly throughout the day.

There are many benefits that people have claimed come (5)…… intermittent fasting, but by (6)…… the most popular is weight loss. Some people claim it is the effects of restricting when to eat that forces the body to burn more fat, while others simply think (7)….. it is due to the fact that you will obviously be eating less, and if you ate the same amount with small meals throughout the entire day you would end (8)…… losing the same amount of weight.

(1)   to

(2)   of

(3)   at

(4)  who/that

(5)   with/from

(6)   far

(7)   that

(8)   up