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Starting University

This sample test for Part 3 of the Reading and Use of English paper is all about university life.

Use the word given in capitals below the text to form a word to go in each corresponding gap. (0) has been given as an example. Write down your answers for each gap and then check to see how many you got correct by clicking on the “Answers” tab below the questions.

When I started I didn’t have many (0)…… of a busy social life. I was placed in the halls of residence with four other girls, and they were all really friendly. We all hit it off (1)…… and spent the whole of freshers week together going to different bars and parties.

During that first term I (2)…… studied at all, but (3)……, I didn’t care. I was having such a great time with my new friends, that studying was the last thing on my mind.

After a whole year of drinking, partying and building new (4)…… I ended up failing my exams, which meant I would either have to leave university or repeat the first year. I knew I hadn’t studied enough, and had to take (5)…… for my failure, but I wasn’t ready to give up. I went home for the summer and came back the next year (6)…… focused to study and pass all my exams.

I still went to the (7)…… party and went out with friends, but most of my time now was dedicated to studying. I think the most important lesson I learnt during my time at university was the (8)…… of balancing study time and leisure time.







(6)  FULLY