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Summer Holidays!

Practice your knowledge of English vocabulary by doing these eight practice exam style questions for part 1 of the Reading and Use of English paper in the Cambridge B2 First (FCE) Exam. The questions are all related to the topic of summer holidays.

Each question has a gap and you need to choose between four different options which one best fits in the gap. You will find the answer at the bottom of the page by clicking on the “answers” tab.

Our flight left at four in the morning so we (1)…… a reservation at a hotel right next to the airport for the night before so we didn’t have to worry about travelling to the airport.

  • made
  • took
  • did
  • called

We decided to rent our own apartment instead (2)…… going to a hotel.

  • for
  • than
  • from
  • of

We could have organised the holiday ourselves, but we decided to book it through a travel (3)…… who took care of everything for us.

  • booker
  • agent
  • office
  • shopper

The taxi was supposed to (4)…… us up at seven, but didn’t arrive until nearly eight!

  • take
  • pick
  • collect
  • drop

After searching for her passport for nearly two hours it finally turned (5)…… in the inside pocket of her backpack.

  • out
  • in
  • up
  • after

I (6)…… always dreamed of travelling the world and exploring exotic countries.

  • had
  • was
  • could
  • would

In total, the (7)…… of the entire holiday was only two hundred and fifty dollars, and is still the cheapest holiday I have ever had.

  • cost
  • payment
  • expense
  • value

The hotel manager (8)…… us to avoid the area as it could be very dangerous, particularly at night time.

  • recommended
  • advised
  • mentioned
  • said

(1)   A

(2)   D

(3)   B

(4)   B

(5)   C

(6)   D

(7)   A

(8)   B