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Take On The Challenge

Phrasal verbs are a big part of the Cambridge B2 First Exam, especially in the Reading and Use of English paper where you will be expected to know a wide variety of phrasal verbs. In this lesson we are focusing on phrasal verbs that use the verb ‘take’.

Below are eight sentences each containing a gap which needs to be filled with a preposition to make the correct phrasal verb. You will need to understand the context of each sentence, as well as the different phrasal verbs, in order to get the correct answer.

People say I take (1)…… my father who was also a very successful businessman.

Due to the increase in online shopping a lot of business is being taken (2)…… from high street shops.

If ever you decide to come and visit Milan just let me know, I will take you (3)…… the city and show you the local attractions.

Our plane was due to take (4)…… at nine thirty, but due to bad weather conditions we didn’t manage to leave until nearly twelve o’clock.

My father will probably retire in a couple of years and I know he is expecting me to take (5)…… running the family business.

Most of my time is taken (6)…… looking after the children.

Although she had been acting since she was a child, her career only really started to take (7)…… a couple of years ago.

We got up early, packed all our things, took (8)…… the tent and made our way home.

(1)   after

(2)   away

(3)   round/around

(4)   off

(5)   over

(6)   up

(7)   off

(8)   down