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The First Day Of School

Do you remember your first day of school? Practice for part 2 of the Reading and Use of English paper by reading the text below about what the first day of school is like for children and choosing the correct word to go in each gap.

Once you have answered all the questions check your answers by clicking on the “answers” box below the text.

Some children (0)…are… really excited about their first day of school. However, in the moment (1)…… they are separated from their parents, in some cases (2)…… the first time, it can be a very scary experience. Children not only have to deal (3)…… the separation from their parents, but they are also put in a place with a bunch of other children they don’t know. Most children adapt easily and after a few days go into school happy, while others (4)…… much longer and can often be heard screaming and shouting as they are being dropped (5)…….

The scariness of the first day at school is often thought to (6)…… unavoidable, and just something that all children have to go through in life. However, there are some things parents can do to (7)…… the experience a little easier. Parents should try to socialise their child with other children before they start school, and get the child used to being without them all the time. Parents should also try and talk to children about school, what it is like and what will happen on their first day so they can look (8)…… to the experience.

(1)   when/that

(2)   for

(3)   with

(4)  take

(5)   off

(6)   be

(7)   make

(8)   forward