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The Life Of A Personal Trainer

Practice your vocabulary knowledge for part 2 of the Reading and Use of English paper with this text extract about a day in the life of a personal trainer.

Try and answer questions 1-8 and then check your answer at the end by clicking on the “answers” box below the text. (0) has been included in the text as an example.

A Day In The Life of a Personal Trainer

I started working (0)…as… a personal trainer 3 years ago after leaving my job (1)…… the finance sector. Fitness was always a passion of mine, and I decided that I couldn’t (2)…… any longer and needed to pursue it as a career. Mornings start very early, my alarm goes (3)…… at five in the morning and I get ready for my first client of the day at six. It is a really long day as people like to train either before work, in their lunch break or after work. So I usually end (4)…… leaving the house just before six and getting home at around ten (5)…… the evening.

Although it is a very long day, I don’t spend the whole day training clients. I always have time to work (6)…… in the gym at least once and sometimes twice a day, and I regularly have some free time in the afternoon before my clients finish work to (7)…… up with friends or do some shopping. Overall, I love being a personal trainer mostly because it is my passion and to (8)…… honest, it doesn’t really feel like work at all!

(1)   in

(2)   wait

(3)   off

(4)  up

(5)   in

(6)   out

(7)   meet / catch

(8)   be