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Time For Collocations

Practice collocations for part 1 of the Reading and Use of English paper in the B2 First Exam with these eight exam style multiple choice questions all related to time.

Each question has a gap and you need to choose between four different options (A-D) which one best fits in the gap. You will find the answer at the bottom of the page by clicking on the “answers” tab.

When I was younger I (1)…… some time in South America visiting different countries

  • spent
  • was
  • traveled
  • stayed

We were so busy working on the project we rarely had (2)…… time to do anything else

  • open
  • available
  • spare
  • off

The key to becoming a great chef is (3)…… your time to really understand how all the ingredients blend together.

  • making
  • slowing
  • having
  • taking

We arrived at the airport (4)…… in time and managed to get on our flight

  • right
  • dead
  • just
  • exactly

One week in India wasn’t really long enough as we didn’t (5)…… time to see everything we wanted to.

  • have
  • do
  • take
  • free

Even though the dentist was very busy he managed to (6)…… time to look at my tooth.

  • make
  • give
  • create
  • take

My parents tried to tell me that doing the course was a (7)…… of time, but it was something I was really interested in and nothing was going to stop me.

  • rubbish
  • trash
  • waste
  • litter

Although I think I did well in the exam I wasn’t able to answer all the questions because I (8)…… out of time.

  • lost
  • finished
  • ran
  • made

(1)   A

(2)   C

(3)   D

(4)   C

(5)   A

(6)   A

(7)   C

(8)   C