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Do you like…?

Practice for part 1 of the speaking paper by answering these eight questions about things that you like. Candidates should try and give a detailed answers giving reasons why the like or dislike something (usually two or tree sentences).

In part 1 you could be asked questions about a variety of different topics so candidates should be prepared to speak about lots of different things. These eight questions cover a wide range of typical topics that may come up in the B2 First speaking exam.

Practice Questions

Your answers should be around 15 seconds long and you will see a timer on the screen to help you know if you need to speak more or less when answering the questions. If you speak for too long in the exam, the examiner may stop you by saying “thank you”. This is not a problem and you will not lose marks for this in part 1 of the speaking paper.

Do you like watching sports?

Do you like e-books?

Do you like shopping?

Do you like reading?

Do you like going to parties?

Do you like visiting the countryside?

Do you like trying unusual food?

Do you like to read about environmental topics?

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