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Free Time!

In part 1 of the speaking paper it is very common for the examiner to ask candidates about the things they like to do in their free time, in the evenings or during the weekends so it is important to prepare for these types of questions.

When answering questions in part 1 candidates will get higher marks if they show their ability to speak in different tenses. A good idea is to refer to what you did in the past compared to what you do now. For example: “I used to play tennis every week when I was younger, but nowadays I only play a few games in the summer”.

Practice for questions about free time in the B2 First exam by answering these eight questions in the video below.

Practice Questions

Try and answer each question for around 15 seconds, which will usually be two or three sentences.

When was the last time you went to an art gallery?

How much television do you watch in a week?

Who do you spend your free time with?

Do you like going to parties?

Tell me about a hobby you would like to take up?

Do you ever go to concerts?

Do you prefer to spend your free time indoors or outdoors?

Are you interested in visiting museums?