woman standing in front of fruits holding pot's lid

Getting Fit and Healthy

In part 4 of the speaking paper you will be asked a variety of question that are closely related to the theme of part 3. You will need to express your opinion clearly and also listen carefully to what your partners opinion is and comment where appropriate.

Practice for part 4 of the speaking paper by answering these eight questions all related to the topic of health and fitness. You should repeat this exercise as much as possible until you are confident and comfortable answering all the questions.

Practice Questions

Your answer should be around 20 seconds long, and will usually consist of three or four sentences. You will see a timer when answering the question so you know how long you have been speaking for.

Do you think children should stay at home when they get sick?

Why do you think some people are so interested in talking about their health problems?

More and more people are worried about food safety these days, why do you think this is?

How important do you think it is to eat meat?

Do you think it’s good for the government to tell people how to be healthier?

Do you think having regular health checks is always a good thing?

In your opinion, how important is getting exercise?

Why do you think alternative medicine is popular?