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Learning English

Some of the most common questions that come up in part one of the speaking exam are related to English and language learning. You can prepare for these type of questions by practicing answering the seven questions in the video below.

In the exam if your answer is very short then the examiner will ask you another question, and if it is too long they will just stop you by saying “thank you”. If they stop you, then don’t worry, you haven’t done anything wrong they just have a strict time schedule to keep in the exam.

Practice Questions

Your answer should be around 15 seconds long, and will usually consist of two or three sentences. You will see a timer when answering the question so you know how long you have been speaking for.

What do you find most difficult about learning English?

How do you think you will use English in the future?

Have you ever tried reading or listening to the news in English?

What do you find most difficult about learning English?

When did you start learning English?

Do you plan to continue studying English in the future?

Do you enjoy studying English?

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