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Learning Things

Practice speaking about the topic of learning and eduction with these practice questions for part 1 of the speaking paper. All questions in part for will be related to the topic from part 3 of the speaking paper. Candidates should practice answering questions clearly, confidently and giving reasons for their answer.

In part 4 candidates also need to pay close attention to what their partner says as the examiner may ask them questions about their partners answer.

Practice Questions

Your answer should be around 20 seconds long, and will usually consist of three or four sentences. You will see a timer when answering the question so you know how long you have been speaking for.

What are the advantages of doing and online course?

How important is it for teachers to be creative?

Do you think children should be taught how to grow their own food at school?

Do you agree that learning about our past is important for our future?

Do you think young people spend too much time studying?

What do you think is the best way to learn about history?

Is it a good thing for people to do short volunteer placements in developing countries?

How can people make sure that they really learn something about a country that they are travelling in?

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