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Money Money Money!

Practice for part 4 of the speaking paper by answering these eight questions. Part 4 of the speaking paper is where you and your partner are asked questions related to the topic of part 3, and these questions are all related to the topic of money.

Practice Questions

Your answer should be around 20 seconds long, and will usually consist of three or four sentences. You will see a timer when answering the question so you know how long you have been speaking for.

Do you think people are too interested in making money nowadays?

How important is it to saving money when you’re young?

Should children be taught more about money and investing at school?

Do you think money can make people happy?

Do you think it is good to pay children to do housework?

What are the disadvantages of being rich?

Do you think actors get paid too much money?

How important is it to give money to charities?

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