woman wearing backpack walking on road

Travel and Holidays

Practice for the first part of the speaking paper by answering these questions all related to the topic of travel and holidays. Try and answer in two or three sentences giving a short reason or example with your answers.

You are not expected to speak for a long time answering questions in part 1 so you should practice answering questions in around 15 seconds.

Practice Questions

Try and answer each question in around 15 seconds. You will see a timer on the screen after each question is asked to help you.

How do people in your country usually spend their summer breaks?

Is there a part of the world that you would particularly like to visit?

Tell me about a place you really enjoyed visiting?

Where did you go on your last holiday?

Do you prefer to spend your holidays with friends or family?

What’s the most interesting historic building you have visited?

What do you think is the most important public holiday in your town or country?

Would you like to travel around the world in the future?

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