Exam practice questions and exercises related to food and drink

    More About Food and Drink in the B2 First

    Food and drink is a topic that sometimes comes up in the B2 First exam, usually when referring to healthy eating habits. It is also a topic that you may be asked about in part 1 of the speaking paper where you may be asked questions such as “What is your favourite food?” or “What do you usually eat for breakfast?”.

    In the Reading and Use of English exam, candidates may be faced with questions related to food and drink vocabulary and grammar, such as multiple-choice in part 1. In the Listening exam, the candidate may be asked to listen to a conversation between a customer and a waiter discussing a menu and then answer multiple-choice questions about the conversation.

    To prepare for the FCE exam, English learners should become familiar with common words and phrases related to food and drink, such as “ingredients”, “recipe”, “beverage” or “gluten-free”. They should also be aware of phrasal verbs and collocations commonly used in the context of food and drink, such as “eat out” or other phrases like “balanced diet

    English learners should familiarise themselves with common vocabulary and grammar related to this topic, as well as phrasal verbs and collocations, in order to be well-prepared for the exam.