B2 First Vocabulary:


Addictive is a C1 level adjective that you may find in your B2 First exam or you can use yourself in the speaking or writing paper. It is used to describe something that makes you want more and more of it.

‘Addictive’ is used to describe the thing that you want more of and should not be confused with ‘addicted’ which is used to describe a person that wants more and more of something. See the difference below when talking about smoking:

Smoking is very addictive making it difficult for people to quit

John is addicted to smoking and finds it very difficult to quit

Below are examples of how 'Addictive' could be used in the B2 First (FCE) exam.
Reading and Use of English Part 3:

Social media is very (3)…… for children and parents should always control the amount of time they spend using applications such as Facebook or Instagram.

(3)  ADDICT     –

Reading and Use of English Part 4:

Examiner: “Why do you think some people find it so difficult to eat a healthy diet?”

Candidate: “I think the main problem is that unhealthy foods and generally very addictive so it is not a simple case of just stopping to eat them….”

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