B2 First Vocabulary:


‘Addiction’ is something that someone cannot stop doing or taking because the are addicted to it. You will commonly see this word or associate word like ‘addicted’ or ‘addictive‘ in part three of the reading and use of English paper when you have to form an associated word using a base word provided.

Below are examples of how 'Addiction' could be used in the B2 First (FCE) exam.
Speaking Part 4:

Examiner: “Why do you think children use mobile phones so much nowadays?”

Candidate: “Personally, I think it is an addiction. The apps that they have on there mobile are designed to be addictive and this makes it very difficult for children to be without their mobile phone even for a short period of time…”

Reading and Use of English Part 3:

Smoking is an (2)…… that affects nearly 35% of people in the United States”

(2)   –    ADDICT

Vocabulary Details: