B2 First Vocabulary:

Come up with

“Come up with” is a B2 level phrasal verb that candidates can easily use in the Cambridge B2 First (FCE) exam. It means to create something new of different. The reason it is such a great phrasal verb is because it can be used in almost any question in the writing exam no matter what the topic is.

It can be used with specific things like “He came up with a new menu for the restaurant” or general things like “She came up with a great idea!”

Below are examples of how 'Come up with' could be used in the B2 First (FCE) exam.
Writing Part 1:

…I think it is important for teachers to come up with new ways to help children learn…

Writing Part 2:

Hey John,

Thanks for your letter! I have come up with some great ideas of what you can do when you visit Barcelona next month…

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