B2 First Vocabulary:

Meet up

‘Meet up’ means to meet one person or a group of people (pre-arranged) to do something. This phrasal verb can come up in any part of the exam, but it is also a phrasal verb that candidates may have an opportunity to use, particularly in part one of the speaking paper or in an informal letter or email in the part 2 of the writing paper.

Below are examples of how 'Meet up' could be used in the B2 First (FCE) exam.
Reading and Use of English Part 2:

Before I left for New York I met (5)UP… with all my family and friends for a farewell dinner.

Speaking Part 1:

Examiner: “What do you usually do on a Saturday evening?”

Candidate: “I usually meet up with friends and go out for dinner or a few drinks at a local bar…”

Vocabulary Details: