B2 First Vocabulary:

Show off

‘Show off’ is a B2 level phrasal verb with a negative meaning. It means to attract attention to yourself by doing things that other people find annoying. For example if you are good at dancing and keep showing people how good you are just to try and get attention then you are showing off.

Below are examples of how 'Show off' could be used in the B2 First (FCE) exam.
Reading and Use of English Part 1:

She couldn’t really afford the sports car, but bought it anyway because she just wanted to show (3)…… to her friends.

A. up

B. about

C. off

D. at

Speaking Part 4:

Examiner: “Why do you think it is so important for some people to always have the latest mobile phone”

Candidate: “Well, I’d say most of the time it is simply because they want to show off to their friends…”

Vocabulary Details: