B2 First Vocabulary:


“Fine” is a B2 level verb that candidates should know before taking their B2 First exam. It means to charge someone an amount of money because they did some wrong or illegal. “Fine” can also be used as a noun.

Below are examples of how 'Fine' could be used in the B2 First (FCE) exam.
Speaking Part 4:

Examiner: “Do you think people who commit a crime should go to prison?”

Candidate: “I think it depends on the crime. If it is something like parking illegally then I think a warning or fining them would be more appropriate…”

Speaking Part 1:

Examiner: “Have you ever received a fine for doing something wrong?”

Candidate: “I have only ever been fined once and that was for speeding. I think I was fined 50 euros or something like that…”

Vocabulary Details: