• 2 parts
  • 80 minutes
  • 20% of total
More About Writing

The writing paper for the B2 First exam has two parts, and candidates will be expected to produce pieces of writing for both parts in one hour and twenty minutes.

The parts of the writing paper are as follows:

Part one of the writing paper will be an essay question where the candidate will be asked to write about a specific topic using two points given to them and also a third point which they need to think of themselves. In part two candidates will be given a choice of three written tasks to complete. Candidates will with be required to do either an article, letter (formal or informal), review, email (formal or informal) or report.

General Preparation for the Writing Paper

Knowing the format and structure of the different type of tasks in the writing paper is extremely important. Candidates should prepare for both parts by repeating different sample papers and practice questions so they are used to and comfortable with the format of all the different tasks.

Planning is also a key element of this part of the exam. It is worth spending a few minutes planning the structure and content of the writing piece before starting. This will not only help ensure that your writing is structured correctly, but will also help ensure that you have included everything that you are expected to have in your writing piece.

In order to help you plan the writing tasks properly candidates should also spend some time carefully reading the question and highlighting the key elements that they must include in their plan.

Although the writing task can be on a variety of different topics, there are some common vocabulary and grammatical structures that can be used regardless of the topic such as linking words and expressions. Candidates should also be aware that they can get extra marks simply by attempting complex language even if it is not used correctly and as long as it doesn’t take away from the communication fo the writing.